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Prom Day for 13-Year-Old Patient at Cohen Children's Medical Center

A dedicated team of doctors, nurses, social workers and Child Life specialists at Cohen Children's Medical Center joined this week to make sure 13-year-old Itzia Argueta of Uniondale, LI, was able to celebrate her prom day, despite being in the hospital. Stacy McGeechan, MD, Itzia's attending physician, described her patient as "the happiest child on the floor." So it was shocking to the doctor to find Itzia sobbing on Thursday. A brief conversation revealed that her prom was the next day. The eighth-grader was saddened that she would miss out on celebrating the big event with her friends from Turtle Hook Middle School in Uniondale. Itzia has been at the hospital since being admitted June 12. She is still being evaluated.

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News from Cohen Children's

Mets Wives, Mr. Met Cheer Kids at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Mets Wives, Mr. Met Cheer Kids at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

NY Mets players’ wives joined with Mr. Met recently to visit Cohen Children’s Medical Center, cheering up patients with cupcakes and gifts from the surging National League team.  Read More

Sima Levy

Artist Inspires Patients at Cohen Children’s

Sima Levy, a volunteer art teacher at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, enjoys nothing more than the “joy of watching children immersed in art being able to forget their pain and their illness.” Inspiring others through her art and book series, Mrs. Levy donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of A Day with Degas to support programs at Cohen Children’s.  Read More


Our Champions

Aiden's Story

At three months old, Aiden suffered from chronic eczema and his worried parents took him to their neighborhood hospital where it was discovered his platelet count was running consistently low. Read More


RaShawn's Story

With the incalcuable assist of a high frequency ventilator dubbed 'The Bronchotron,' the Cohen Transplant Team was able to stabilize and transport RaShawn from Southside Hospital in Bay Shore to Cohen Children's Medical Center just hours after his birth. Read More


Kirsten's Story

At age 7, Kirsten was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Shortly after her body rejected her first bone marrow transplant, she relapsed and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Read More

Ross Family

The Ross Family

Young patients at Cohen Children’s Medical Center will now have the chance to play and learn from their bedside, even though hospitalized, because of the generous donation made by Billie and George Ross. Read More


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