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Watch RaShawn's Video

Suffering from lung failure and losing ground on conventional ventilation, RaShawn's life was dangerously hanging in the balance. Acting swiftly and deftly, the Cohen Transport Team was able to stabilize and transport RaShawn from Southside Hospital in Bay Shore to Cohen Children's Medical Center just hours after his birth. Providing the only mobile high frequency ventilator, dubbed "The Bronchotron," within 120 miles, Cohen Children's Medical Center was able to respond quickly and effectively.

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Watch Aiden's Video

Aiden was only three months old when doctors confirmed a diagnosis of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, a rare genetic blood disorder that affects only four in a million newborns and develops into life-threatening immune deficiencies. His referring doctors turned to Cohen Children's Medical Center, the only bone marrow transplantation program for children on Long Island. Aiden successfully responsed to the transplantation and is now a healthy toddler.

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Watch Deborah's Video

It was a school day like any other, until the unthinkable happened. Deborah, then 14-years-old, was asleep in the backseat of a carpooling van on the way to school when it was struck by an oncoming vehicle. She was knocked unconscious and remained that way until arriving at a near by hospital. Cohen Children's Medical Center provided critical care for her traumatic brain injury, seeing to Deborah's return to school shortly following her accident.

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Watch Kelly's Video

Kelly from Glen Cove, New York had just spent a semester abroad in Ghana. This 19 year old soon became exaughsted, confused and lethargic. Her mother quicky brought her to Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York and was diagnosed with Malaria. Timing was critical. Hear her story of survival.

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Watch Tali's Video

When Tali's life hung in the balance during a complicated delivery that resulted in placenta eruption, a neonatal team led by Dr. Susana Castro-Alcaraz of Cohen Children's Medical Center saw to it that no long term damage was suffered by lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

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Watch Patrick's Video

To see Patrick, 17, shoot hoops with his friends, you'd never know he was born with pulmonary valve stenosis and underwent two balloon catheterizations by the time he was three years old.

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Our Champions

Justin's Story

When Justin was detected with an upper airway obstruction at 20-weeks gestation, it was determined he would need surgery to open his airways so he could breathe oxygen at the time of birth. "In order to do that we had to have a team from many different subspecialties - obstetrics, neonatology, and pediatric surgeons with skills in throat and advanced lung support techniques to support Justin with either his mother's placenta or an artifical heart lung machine until we made a new opening to the airway," Dr. Howard Heiman recalls. "His mom stayed at our adjoining Ronald McDonald House just before she went into labor so we could monitor how she was doing just in case she had any problems." Read More


Nate's Story

When four-year-old Nate was struggling with respiratory distress as a result of contracting the swine flu in 2008, his Winthrop Hospital Emergency room doctor dad and LIJ obstetrics doctor mom had no questions in their minds where to turn for help. Read More


Jayden's Story

When Maria and Carlos were referred to Cohen Children's Medical Center for the delivery of their premature baby boy, they found themselves immediately in good hands. Born at just 22 weeks gestation, Jayden received around the clock care from Dr. Richard Schanler and a team of nutrition specialists ready to make sure he received intravenous nutrition to stave off infections and aid his long-term development. Read More


Tim's Story

Not only is Tim Goettelmann a champion on the lacrosse field—he's a true champion on the larger field of life for all he does for the children at Cohen Children's Medical Center. Read More


Read about our Pediatric Cancer Survivors Here



JFK's Delta Airlines 4th Annual Delta Golf Classic Supports CCMC

Delta Golf Classic Thumb

NEW YORK, NY (September 19, 2013) – This past September 19, 2013, Delta Air Lines, JFK held the 4th annual Delta Golf Classic supporting Cohen Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). This year, the Delta Golf Classic raised $270,000, money designated towards the lifesaving work being conducted at CCMC. Read More


New $130M Pavilion Dedicated at Cohen Children's Medical Center

NEW HYDE PARK, NY (April 4, 2013) – Hundreds of supporters of Cohen Children’s Medical Center recently celebrated the upcoming opening of a new $130 million pavilion that will house the region’s largest, dedicated pediatric emergency department and 50 additional beds, further enhancing the hospital’s reputation as the leading provider of children’s health services in the metropolitan area. Read More


Over 700 Gather in Celebration of Pediatric Cancer Survivors Day

EAST MEADOW, NY (September 23, 2012)—Eisenhower Park was filled with the laughter of over 700 pediatric cancer survivors and family members for the inaugural Les Nelkin Pediatric Cancer Survivors Day organized by Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York (CCMC). Read More


Monster's Kids Second Annual Woodstick Alumni Event raises funds for Autism

GARDEN CITY, NY (May 5, 2012)—This past Saturday, Garden City High School hosted Monster's Kids Second Annual Woodstick Alumni Event to benefit Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center (CCMC) of New York. Lacrosse players from Garden City and Manhasset took to the field, with a final victory for Manhasset. All participants walked away winners, as the teams helped raised $39,650 for the Center for Autism at CCMC. Read More


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