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Our team of champions leads the charge in achieving medical excellence in the delivery of world-class patient care. Their groundbreaking accomplishments can only be made possible by your generous, uncompromising support and philanthropic vision.

Our gratitude is best illustrated by our unwavering commitment and passion to advance medicine and save lives.

Our children are our brightest hope for the future as they grow to become the leaders of tomorrow, transforming the world in ways we can only imagine. We need your help to ensure that they have the brightest future possible.


Dancing With The Champions

After life-saving heart surgery at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, 14-year-old Gianna meets her dancing idol, Val Chmerkovskiy.


News from Cohen Children's

Brandon Torres

It’s A Big “Thumbs Up” for 1-Year-Old Brandon Torres

Sporting a Superman T-shirt, 1-year-old Brandon Torres proved that he really does possess incredible strength. The energetic little boy joined his parents and big brother, Sebastian, to thank the pediatric plastic surgeon who created a new thumb for Brandon’s right hand.. Read More

4-year-old Jordan Jennings with her parents

Four-Year-Old Receives Revolutionary Treatment For Scoliosis At Cohen Children’s Medical Center

After watching little Jordan Jennings race around the room clutching her new doll, it’s hard to imagine that the energetic little girl was only recently implanted with two metal rods to help her fight dangerous spinal deformity caused by scoliosis.  Read More


Our Champions

Deborah's Story

It was a school day like any other, until the unthinkable happened. Deborah, then 14-years-old, was asleep in the backseat of a carpooling van on the way to school when it was struck by an oncoming vehicle. She was knocked unconscious and remained that way until arriving at a nearby hospital.  Read More


RaShawn's Story

With the incalcuable assist of a high frequency ventilator dubbed 'The Bronchotron,' the Cohen Transplant Team was able to stabilize and transport RaShawn from Southside Hospital in Bay Shore to Cohen Children's Medical Center just hours after his birth. Read More


Madeline's Story

At age 2, Madeline was diagnosed with Sacrococcygeal Teratoma. She spent many days in the hospital and fondly remembers walking the floors of the hospital with all of her family. Read More

Ross Family

The Ross Family

Young patients at Cohen Children’s Medical Center will now have the chance to play and learn from their bedside, even though hospitalized, because of the generous donation made by Billie and George Ross. Read More


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Over the years, dozens of community groups and foundations have provided invaluable support to the Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York (CCMC)'s departments, programs and projects.

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