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In a world where knowledge is power, we at North Shore-LIJ Health System understand the importance of providing an integrated and comprehensive learning framework to educate our more than 40,000 employees. Soon after the merger that created the health system, we announced our commitment to fostering a a "learning organization" - one that continuously transforms itself by facilitating continued learning in our community.

Our commitment to learning and education remains a driving force and an integral part of our culture:

  • We offer one of the country's largest medical residency programs for training future physicians, and more than 40 of our nursing leaders have earned DNPs (Doctor of Nursing Practice). North Shore-LIJ Health System is the only one that levies it across the entire system.
  • Our Center for Learning & Innovation (CLI) is the largest corporate healthcare university in the United States and promotes a culture dedicated to excellence, innovation, teamwork and continuous change.
  • One of the jewels of CLI is the Patient Safety Institute (PSI). The U.S. Institute of Medicine estimates that 100,000 people die every year from medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. The PSI is a simulation lab that includes PC-based interactive, virtual-reality technology and digitally enhanced mannequins. Life-sized patient simulators help a wide variety of healthcare practitioners and students to diagnose and manage clinical problems without risk to patients.
  • The Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine is a unique and individually tailored three-year program that trains physicians with a recent MD or equivalent degree, and culminates in obtaining their PhD in Molecular Medicine. Operating in close collaboration with The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, the Elmezzi program features a faculty of scientists who are world-renowned in their respective fields.
  • Opened in 2011, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine is the first new medical school established in New York since 1963. The new school combines programs to provide a new model of healthcare. Our unique curriculum immerses students in patient-care settings from day one, training them as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Our Champions

Dr. Kathleen Gallo and Dr. Alan Cooper; Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) and the Patient Safety Institute (PSI)

Kathy Gallo, RN, PhD, Senior Vice President, Chief Learning Officer, and Alan Cooper, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Assistant Dean for Knowledge Management of Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI), know the importance that education and lifelong learning play in developing leaders at all levels in the health system. As the headmasters of CLI, Kathy and Alan are constantly looking for ways to engage, involve and foster growth in the health system's most valuable asset: human capital, all with the goal of aiding the communities we serve. The Patient Safety Institute (PSI) is the health system's simulation teaching program. Physicians, nurses and ancillary personnel participate in scenarios with computer-generated mannequins, replicating what would happen in a hospital setting. The mannequins mimic live patients, offering a safe enviornment for providers to practice and prepare for real-life events. All scenarios are audio and video taped for debriefing afterwards, giving team members the opportunity to study their actions, attitudes, teamwork and knowledge. Continuous learning is critical in today's rapidly changing, highly competitive landscape, and as a system we owe it not only to our employees, but the communities we serve. We must teach as well as lead.

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Dr. David Battinelli, Dr. Lawrence Smith, June Scarlett and Dr. Veronica Catanese; Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine

Dr. Lawrence Smith, Founding Dean; Dr. David Battinelli, Senior Associate Dean for Education; Dr. Veronica Catanese, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; and June Scarlett, Associate Dean for Administration, are changing the face of medical education at the new Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine - Nassau County's first MD degree-granting institution and the first medical school in New York State in 35 years. Breaking from traditional medical schools which place students in medical science classes during the first two years, the new medical school will expose its 40 first-year students to both medical science and clinical care from the start of their training. During the first few months, students will study to become certified emergency medical techniciand. They will take shirts riding in North Shore-LIJ's ambulances, getting close to patients and learning how to apply science to actual patient care. By de-emphasizing rote memorization and focusing more on real-world patient problems, the new school promises to inject new life into the process of training the next generation of physicians.


Dr. Bettie Steinberg, Dean of The Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine at The Feinstein Institute, and Drs. Ben Lu and Daniel Griffin

As one of only a few programs of its kind in the world that address the disappearance of physician-scientists when they're needed the most, The Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine is a unique program that encourages discussion among PhDs in molecular medicine with highly trained young physicians who wish to pursue careers in biomedical research. Considering the importance of applying research findings to clinical programs, the school aims to create future leaders under the guidance of Dr. Bettie Steinberg, Dean of The Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine at The Feinstein Institute. Dr. Daniel Griffin — who discovered a new type of cell in the immune system that may regulate infection and susceptibility to autoimmune disorders — and Dr. Ben Lu, who recently completed his residency in China and was selected by his government to continue his studies at The Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine.

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High School Students and Mentors; Medical Scholars Pipeline Program

Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine has launched the Medical Scholars Pipeline Program to prepare high school students for careers in healthcare. The five-year program is offered to promising students beginning in their junior year of high school to prepare them for college and beyond. Made possible by the creation of the new medical school, the program includes hands-on training, rigorous academic classes and mentorship from senior-level clinicians in the system who will work with the students on medical studies, leadership and team-building skills.

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