Impact & Mission

Ultimately, everything we do at North Shore-LIJ Health System is focused on one thing: the health of our patients. As such, we're committed to a continuum of care for everyone in the greater New York metropolitan region - from the moment of birth to a final breath. Our participation in community extends well beyond the walls of our facilities to encompass the broader reach of the neighborhoods we serve and the people who live in them.

It all starts with our core mission: making the communities we serve healthier:

  • We tailor our programs to meet community needs, from prenatal care to end of life support.
  • We're teaching our neighbors about the consequences of smoking, poor eating habits and lack of exercise by providing community outreach services that emphasize wellness education. In doing so, we support more than 200 ambulatory care programs at over a hundred sites, where patients can walk in without an appointment and receive on the spot care.

In one year alone, the North Shore-LIJ System contributed more than:

    • $545 million in community benefits, 
    • offered 4,339 programs served 1.5 million people across our region.
    • trained more than 6,000 current and future healthcare professionals,
    • conducted 4,200 screenings, and
    • spearheaded community and school-based health education programs.
  • We have implemented virtual visits via specialized in-home computer systems that can monitor the condition of a patient while he or she is at home.
  •  We've also opened North Shore-LIJ Medical Group Urgent Care Center in lower Manhattan, providing much needed emergency healthcare services for residents in Chelsea, Greenwich Village and adjacent neighborhoods.
  • The Regional Burn Center at Staten Island University Hospital has earned a national reputation for excellence in critical care, surgical care and long-term treatment. The regional center has been designated as a "Tier 1" Burn Disaster Receiving Hospital by the New York City Department of Health, and it routinely trains licensed clinical professionals around the region in Advanced Burn Life Support.
  • North Shore-LIJ Health System's Office of Military and Veterans Liaison Services, overseen by The Zucker Hillside Hospital, is a health and wellness resource center for military service members, veterans and their families. Anchoring the office's activities are direct clinical service sites at the Manhasset, NY-based Rosen Family Wellness Center, which provides no-cost, confidential behavioral health services to military and law enforcement members and their families; a neuropsychology outplacement program based in Fort Drum, NY, and the soon-to-be opened Unified Family Health Center in Bay Shore, NY, that is a partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These efforts translate into a connected community that leverages the advantages of technology, outreach programs and education to create a new kind of healthcare landscape.

Our Champions

Donald Zucker and Barbara Hrbek Zucker; Mental Health

As special champions for mental health, Donald and Barbara Zucker lead the ranks of many special donors who have made an impact through their philanthropy. The Zucker Hillside Hospital has been a leader in healing people suffering from mental illness for more than 80 years. Zucker was recently named one of the nation's top psychiatric facilities by U.S. News & World Report, and the hospital just broke ground on a new impatient pavilion that promises to make a positive impact on behavioral health disorders that affect nearly half the population and account for more disability and missed workdays than any other factor.

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Dr. JoAnne Gottridge and Medical Homes

Led by Dr. JoAnne Gottridge, Division Chief of General Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine at North Shore University Hospital and LIJ, the primary care practice in Great Neck has become the system's only National Commitee for Quality Assurance designated patient-centered Medical Home. The Great Neck Medical Home is part of a groundbreaking model in which the emphasis is on "patient-centered" medical care. Such practices emphasize access to care, coordination of care across the entire continuum, collaboration and a team-based care approach. The team of providers at the Great Neck practice includes pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists and nurses, all working together as a team, with the patient at the center. Medical Homes go a step beyond by also focusing on patient education and self-management.

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Palliative Care

When patients require end-of-life care, the Palliative Care staff do their best to maintain a sense of serenity, calm, caring, tranquility and peace. The Palliative Care unit is unique in that the staff not only takes care of patients, but looks after their families as well, trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible in the last days and nights when caring is all that can be done before a loved one passes away.




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Andrew Roberts and Military Veterans

Led by West Point graduate Andrew Roberts, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Bronze Star recipient, the Office of Military and Veterans Liaison Services' mission and commitment is to serve those that protect our freedom and our way of life. Andrew currently oversees a number of programs that help them cope with the stresses that can afflict those who have experienced combat. Whether it's providing mental healthcare services, reaching out to family members or working to prevent veterans who land in court or jail from getting into deeper trouble with the law, Andrew and his team are commited to paying a debt of gratitude to all those who have put their lives, hearts and minds on the line while serving our country.




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